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Child Physiotherapy
Looking after the needs of children from babies to teenagers!

As well as treating the usual day to day and sports related injuries that young children and teenagers will present with, at Monkstown Physiotherapy we are delighted to have the expert Paediatric knowledge of specialist physiotherapist Caoimhe O’Connor MISCP who has years of experience dealing with babies and young children’s physical and developmental needs.

Below is a sample of the types of conditions / presentations that Caoimhe can see:

Infants: delayed milestones, flat head/plagiocephaly/ torticollis, concerns with legs/ feet/standing

Toddlers & young children: frequent falls, pain, flat feet, gait issues, injuries, delayed motor skills

Children & teenagers: pain, balance, DCD/dyspraxia, injuries, postural/ orthopaedic issues

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